The attention to materials and the deep knowledge of the artisan tradition are values ​​engraved in Buti's DNA.

For this reason, thanks to the deep knowledge and experience in the tannery sector, we select only the finest leathers that resist the passage of time and ensure each bag a beauty that remains unchanged.

The choice of suppliers is fundamental in this step: Buti uses only the Italian national and certified supply chain to guarantee the final customer, in addition to undisputed quality and durabilty, 100% made in Italy bags.

Calf ALCE Printed

Buti Pelletterie Pellame Alce Stampato
The printed ALCE leather, in the Buti collections for many years, is made on first choice full-grain half calf, with a re-tanning that makes the leather swell, making it soft and fluffy to the touch, but with the texture and hold for a very long durability over time.

The end result with this type of leather are timeless and versatile bags perfect for both everyday and more elegant looks.

Palmellato printed bull

Buti Pelletterie Pellame Palmellato

Leather made on half breeches of full grain bull, the most resistant and thick part is used, there are no parts with voids so the leather has a very compact look. Suitable for more rigid and formal Lady handbags and briefcases with a classic-elegant look. products made with this leather are guaranteed for eternal durability and a timeless look.

The PALMELLATO printed bull has been in the Buti collection for many years and is made by always the same leather supplier of the national supply chain.

Calf Cocco Mousse stamp

Buti Pelletterie Pellame Cocco Mousse

Full grain leather on which the COCCO MOUSSE is printed, a reproduction of a belly of a Real Alligator Croc extraordinarily real thanks to the quality raw material.

Attention to detail then moves to the tips of the leather and, after printing, in the finishing phase, a treatment is applied manually by the craftsmen that provides a two-tone effect to the leather.

VEGETABLE Incrociati leathers

Buti Pelletterie Pellame Vegetale
Very light and snappy leathers by Incrociati with 90% vegetable tanning.

This type of process is based on the use of natural tannins from trees, using new technologies and making use of the slow passage of time so that they are absorbed by the leather.
The "vegetable tanning" is the most traditional and recognizable; the only one capable of imparting unmistakable properties, versatility of use and uniqueness of the product to the CUOIO (to the skin).

The bags made with vegetable tanning on first choice selected incrociati leathers and with dyeing made with transparent aniline are light, soft and fluffy to the touch, but with the consistency and hold that guarantee a long durability.

A good leather demonstrates its quality over the years and for this reason, in addition to the careful selection of the raw material, during the tanning process, protections are placed in the hides that ensure durability over time.

The materials used, the craftsmanship, the extreme attention to detail and continuous innovation create a synergy that makes each Buti bag a unique object that acquires value and charm over time.

To create an exclusive and unrepeatable bag, the Buti Family (Amerigo, Federico, Linda and Pilade) is available to explain and advise you through all the possibilities to have an even more personalized product, you can contact us at:

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