Buti Collection SS21 Ecosystem - Eco-SustainableProtecting, saving, safeguarding the earth and nature is a growing need.

The climatic events, more and more catastrophic, are frightening, and with them the awareness increases that without a healthy earth, clean air and pure water, man cannot live well.

The rhythms that the world economy requires are no longer sustainable for the health of the planet and a new awareness pushes man to different choices and to a new and renewed sensitivity.

Eco-sustainability is the key word that is also permeating the Fashion System, deeply committed to a new research of advanced technologies, in the recovery of materials and fibers and in the use of eco-sustainable fabrics.

So here is the palette of greens and ecology.

The colors of the earth, the neutrals of the sands, the intertwining of the woods, the natural fibers, the raffia, the straws, the vegetable tanning and the leathers with natural tannins.